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Authentic Vintage Officine Panerai Pam 2A Tritium Dial - A Collector's Treasure

From the First production year...the PAM 2A
Only a few hundred made in this base model with an original tritium dial.A true collectors piece.  Watch and libretto included. A true Panerai heritage product with a patina on the dial that you cannot find today.  The stainless steel case is immaculate.Explore the heritage of Panerai watches with this Authentic Vintage Officine Panerai Pam 2A Tritium Dial. A true collector's gem, this dial represents the elegance and authenticity of Panerai's inaugural production year.

Key Features:

  • Genuine Panerai Heritage: This dial hails from Panerai's first production year, a testament to the brand's rich history.

  • Tritium Dial: The Tritium luminescent markers offer a classic and elegant glow, a signature feature of vintage Panerai watches.

  • Collector's Item: An authentic Panerai Pam 2A Tritium Dial is more than just a watch component; it's a piece of watchmaking history.

  • Perfect for Restoration: Ideal for collectors or enthusiasts looking to restore or upgrade vintage Panerai timepieces.

  • Historical Charm: This dial preserves the historical charm of Panerai watches, adding character to your timepiece.