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Why TC Straps doesn't show the straps mounted on Panerai Watches...

We get asked all the time about showing our straps in pictures on Panerai Watches.  It's simple.  It's against the law for us to use the a Panerai Watch with their trademark to help sell our straps.

Panerai owns their trademarks and it is illegal to show the straps for sale made by us on Panerai Watches. 


We own the trademarks on Mario Paci, Original Kodiak, TC Straps, Fabrizio Ciampi straps and Toscana Hand Made straps.  We do not license our trademarks.  No, Panerai Watch Corp. cannot show their watches with our straps without permission.

 Now you know why we make straps for Panerai Watches and NOT Panerai Straps


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