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Fabrizio Ciampi Special Edition Horween Chromexcel Natural Calf for Tang Buckles

Introducing the Fabrizio Ciampi Special Edition Horween Chromexcel Natural Calf Leather Strap, crafted for the discerning watch enthusiast. This exquisite strap is handcrafted from genuine Horween Chromexcel leather, known for its unparalleled quality and rich patina development over time.

If you have a Panerai watch, you know that it is a timeless classic designed for both fashion and functionality. Every detail counts when creating the perfect ensemble, including the type of watch strap.

Founded in 2001, TC Straps specializes in high-quality replacement straps for Panerai watches handmade in Italy with premium leather. Each strap is handcrafted to ensure maximum quality and durability for lifetime use. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something loud, TC Straps has perfect watch strap options to suit your style and keep your watch looking flawless from season to season.

Key Features

  • Premium Horween Chromexcel Leather: This strap is made from select Horween Chromexcel leather, renowned for its supple feel, durability, and striking natural patina.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each strap is meticulously hand-stitched and finished by skilled artisans, ensuring a flawless and comfortable fit for your wrist.

  • Versatile Design: The timeless natural calf leather complements a wide range of watch styles and colors, making it a versatile addition to any watch collection.

  • Tang Buckle Compatibility: Designed to accommodate tang buckles, ensuring a secure and reliable fit for your treasured timepiece.

  • Size: 24/22 and 125/80 for Tang buckles