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Nethuns Watches

Nethuns was founded by a group of watch fanatics with the mission, and belief, to create robust and professional diver watches.  Using unique metals and materials and quality movements, the result of their creation is durable man-ware designed to last a lifetime.

Nethuns in Etruscan mythology was the god of wells, water and sea. With this in mind the Nethns brand is dedicated to watches used at sea. Nethuns is mentioned on the Piacenza Liver, a third century bronze model. The first model released the “ Nethuns BRONZO” made with a limited run of 299 pieces is made in bronze.

The Bronze material used in Nethuns watches are unique to us. It consist of a unique formula of Alloys of copper and tin. The result is a tone of alloys that is beautiful to look at when new and more stunning as it ages with its owner. The sub dials on each Nethuns Bronzo are also made using bronze. This means the subdial is subject to color change over time to add character to each watch. 

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