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Fabrizio Ciampi Special Edition Handmade Truffle Brown Aged leather for Tang buckles

Introducing the Fabrizio Ciampi Special Edition Handmade Truffle Brown Aged Leather Strap - a timeless masterpiece crafted for connoisseurs of fine leather accessories. Handpicked for its exquisite quality and artisanal craftsmanship, this strap is designed to elevate your timepiece to new heights of elegance.

Something old is new again.  From Fabrizio Ciampi using leather found in Tuscany and making it in his own artisanal style.

His family made the original straps for Panerai in 1938 in their shop.  Now the same artisanal touch is in every strap from the Fabrizio Ciampi collection.

Hand made in Castelfiorentino, Italy just outside of Florence, the Cuoierie Mecchaniche Brelli is known for their quality leathers and workmanship and exquisite look.

Key Features

  • Premium Aged Leather: This strap is meticulously crafted from specially selected aged leather, renowned for its supple texture and enduring quality. Each piece exudes a unique character, making it a distinctive addition to your collection.

  • Exquisite Handcraftsmanship: Created by skilled artisans with a passion for detail, this strap is a testament to the art of leatherworking. Every stitch and edge is expertly finished, ensuring a product of exceptional quality.

  • Truffle Brown Elegance: The rich, deep tones of truffle brown bring a touch of sophistication to any watch. It's a versatile color that complements both classic and contemporary timepieces.

  • Compatible with Tang Buckles: Designed to accommodate tang buckles, this strap provides a secure and comfortable fit for your watch. Its precise cut and stitching ensure a seamless connection.


  • Material: Aged Leather
  • Color: Truffle Brown
  • Buckle Compatibility: Tang Buckles
  • Size:  24/22 125/80 for Tang Buckles