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Original Kodiak Straps for All Anonimo Watches from TC Straps

Your Anonimo Watch (Militaire, Millemetri, Dual Time, Dino Zei) came with an Opera Kodiak strap.  These OEM straps were made for Anonimo by our shop, the Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli in Castelfiorentino, Italy.


TC Straps is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Original Kodiak straps for Panerai and Anonimo watches.  The Original Kodiak process is 100% waterproof.  These straps were originally made for Panerai in 1993 to accommodate their waterproof watches.


Now you can get replacement straps for your Anonimo, Dino Zei and Panerai watch with the Original Kodiak waterproof strap in all colors at TC Straps.