Extra long length strap by TC Straps

May 04, 2018

Did you ever wish that your Panerai strap was longer?  Maybe your strap is uncomfortable as it fits in only the 1st or 2nd hole from the pointed tip.  Or is your strap too short to go through both strap "keepers" and the end of the strap is always sticking up and away from the rest of the band?

Now you can choose from a large selection of Extra Long Straps for your Panerai Watch.  The original size strap was 115/75.  115mm on the long side with the holes and 75mm on the buckle side.  Over the past 2 years they have switched to a 125/75 length which is still too short for most people.

If you need 1, 2 or even 3 more holes for a proper fit, Click this link TC Straps for our extra long straps.